008: Todd Ford – NoDa Brewing Company

Episode 008:

  • Todd Ford and his wife Suzie started NoDa back in 2011. He’s a former pilot with deep roots in the Charlotte, NC home brewers guild.

Worst Business Moment:

  • Imagine your brewery only being a couple of months old, you’ve run through all your start up cash and margins are running scary thin….pretty easy to imagine right? Well then throw in some gauge issues with your fermentation tanks which caused you to have to dump several batches of beer that couldn’t go to market. That’s not a lot of fun………

“Light Bulb” Moment:

  • In a series of decisions, when faced with a cross roads and multiple paths to take, NoDa has always chosen the path that they felt gave them the most future opportunities.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • “Hire a brewery consultant”


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