017: Peter Zien – AleSmith Brewing Co.

Episode 017:

  • Peter Zien is owner and CEO of AleSmith which he started in 1995.  AleSmith was founded in a small single-unit space in the commercial district of Miramar , San Diego which was packed with a 15 bbl brew system, a tasting bar, an office and a three man team.

Worst Business Moment:

  • In the early 2000’s watching the orders come in was really depressing for Peter.  Peter had a lot of beer to sell and wanted to be selling pallets, but the orders coming in were for 5 cases of this or 2 half barrels of that…….

“Light Bulb” Moment:

  • In 2008, Peter literally cashed in all his “chips” to purchase a new brew house……when it came time for the Great American Beer Festival, he was broke – couldn’t go, but they sent 5 beers.  Several of those beers won medals and then AleSmith won small brewer of the year.  One of AleSmith’s proudest moments happened at one of the lowest moments financial, but it was a HUGE “Ah-ha” moment where Peter realized AleSmith was going to make it, he was going to make it………….

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • “Practice integrity in every thing you do and you’ll never have to seek out an opportunity….they’ll come find you “


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