018: Greg Parker – Iron Horse Brewery

Episode 018:

  • Greg Parker is an owner and the vice president of Iron Horse which was purchased in 2007.  All it took was for Greg to convince his wife that packing up and moving across two states with a small child and another on the way to buy into a failing brewery was a good idea!

Worst Business Moment:

  • Greg’s transfer times were and hour and forty five minutes at least. They determined their heat x was under sized.  They replaced it with money they didn’t really have and it didn’t work!  The transfer time was not any faster.  Come to find out the heat x wasn’t undersized, just hooked up incorrectly……

“Light Bulb” Moment:

  • What should have been an immediate “Light Bulb” moment for Greg and Iron Horse was more like “someone turning on a dimmer switch.” The marked kept telling them Irish Death, Irish Death, but the brewery kept push brown or cream ales.  It took about 6-months for them to realize that they needed to listen this consistent message from their market place.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • “Go rent a van! “


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