026: Tom Kehoe – Yards Brewing Company

Episode 026:

  • Tom Kehoe is the President and Co-Founder of Yards Brewing Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Tom started Yards out of garage back in 1994 after home brewing throughout his time in college.  From first selling beer in the parking of a Dead show to a handful of moves & expansions, plus several awards along the way, Yards Brewing has seen a lot of growth over the years but more importantly has been Philly’s hometown brewery from day one.

Worst Business Moment:

  • Like a lot of brewers, Tom and his original partner started out for the love of beer and were extremely passionate about making beer and being the “beer guys.” When you are the owners of a small company and the last ones to get paid sometimes reality trumps that passion.  One of Tom’s worst moment in business was when his original part left the company.  They were small, not producing a ton of beer and Tom’s partner felt he needed to leave to “make money” and provide for this family.  This was a difficult time Tom, his business partner and the brewery.

Best Business Moment:

  • The little moments when someone might recognize you as the Yard Brewing guy and just want to talk beer for a bit or when you over hear the person next to you (whom you don’t know) say “I love this beer” as they drink the fruits of your labor……..those are some of the best moments for Tom.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • Don’t get too big too fast……


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