032: Chris Brown – Holy City Brewing

Episode 032:

  • Chris Brown is a co-founder and production manager of Holy City Brewing in Charleston, SC. Four guys from different backgrounds decided to open a brewery in 2011 when Charleston was on the cusp of a serious craft beer culture.  Since opening, Holy City has become a local favorite in a very short time.

Worst Business Moment:

  • The early years of business can be tough and the first year and a half for holy city were especially rough.  Entering into bad finance agreements on equipment to working through the growing/learning pains of business partners with different points of view and opinions were all situations that Holy City had to navigate through in those early years……..

Most Rewarding Moment:

  • One of the most rewarding things for Chris is having a group of employees who love working at the brewery.  Having those employees be behind what you are doing as a company and love being at work is the most satisfying things for Chris.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • SLOW DOWN……..take it easy, step back and take the emotion out of decisions – just slow things down a bit.


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