034: Dave Thibodeau – Ska Brewing Company

Episode 034:

  • Dave Thibodeau is a co-founder and president of Ska Brewing Company in Durango, CO which opened it’s doors back in 1995. Dave and some buddies loved drinking good beer, but they had a little problem – They weren’t old enough to buy it! So they figured if they brewed their own beer, then they’d have all the beer they would ever want.

Worst Business Moment:

  • Partnerships can be very rewarding and beneficial…….but, people are different.  They have different view points, dreams, aspirations and interests.  Even the best of partnerships can experience strain and stress even when things are going great from a business stand point.  The 3 partners at Ska experienced this just a couple of years ago but thanks to the bond they had built over time and the mutual respect they all have for each other, they were able to weather this “storm” and remain partners to this day.

Most Rewarding Moment:

  • When Ska first started, Dave was working another full time job and his home was a VW Van parked in the driveway of a historic rental “mansion”. His fellow co-founder Bill was renting a room in that “mansion” and also was working a full time job.  Neither took a salary from the brewery that first year, but one of Dave’s most rewarding memories was when the brewery started making enough money where he could quit his other job and go run the brewery full-time.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • Have a quality control program and put in a lab as soon as possible………..


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