036: Nico Freccia – 21st Amendment Brewery

Episode 036:

  • Nico Freccia manages all the operations and business development for 21st Amendment Brewery which is co-founded in San Francisco, CA with Shaun O’Sullivan back in 2000.  The popular brewpub has grown to include a production division that is currently one of the fastest growing craft breweries in America.

Worst Business Moment:

  • “Don’t worry about the money, the money is the easy part”…..Well, the money turned out to be pretty tough.  Being in San Francisco and opening right before the dotcom bubble burst and then 9-11 happening about a year later, times were tough.  Knowing who you could pay and when became key to managing cash flow BUT the fellas at 21st Amendment always communicated with their vendors.

Most Rewarding Moment:

  • Hitting the road and telling the 21st Amendment story and simply talking beer is some Nico and Shaun love to do.  Having a beer with people, talking about how certain beers came to be, how certain packaging was thought up, talking the history of beer styles are some of the most enjoyable things 21st Amendment gets to do……

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are…..


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