037: Jordan Gardenhire – Baja Brewing Company

Episode 037:

  • Jordan Gardenhire is the founder and brewmaster of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico based Baja Brewing Company which opened it’s doors in 2007.  Jordan moved from Colorado to Cabo and fell in love with the place.  Not long after arriving, he founded Baja Brewing with his father Charlie.

Worst Business Moment:

  • Jordan shares a few “not so great” moments with us, including a time when a hurricane destroyed the entire area – including the brewery.  Doors were ripped off hinges, windows shatter and mud from flood water ruined almost everything.  About the only thing left standing were tanks that were full of beer!!  Jordan is convinced if those tanks had been empty, they would have been swept away and destroyed.

Most Rewarding Moment:

  • For Jordan, Baja Brewing is more than a business, its also a lifestyle………I mean, he gets to live in Cabo, come on!! While the lifestyle and business are both very rewarding, Jordan loves going downstairs from his office to the brew pub and talking with people who are there enjoying his beer.

Best Advice Ever Received:

  • Figure out what you love and stick with it………


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