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037: Jordan Gardenhire – Baja Brewing Company

Episode 037: Jordan Gardenhire is the founder and brewmaster of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico based Baja Brewing Company which opened it’s doors in 2007.  Jordan moved from Colorado to Cabo and fell in love with the place.  Not long after arriving, he founded Baja Brewing with his father Charlie. Worst Business Moment: Jordan shares […]

036: Nico Freccia – 21st Amendment Brewery

Episode 036: Nico Freccia manages all the operations and business development for 21st Amendment Brewery which is co-founded in San Francisco, CA with Shaun O’Sullivan back in 2000.  The popular brewpub has grown to include a production division that is currently one of the fastest growing craft breweries in America. Worst Business Moment: “Don’t worry […]

035: Matt Leff – Rhizome Productions

Episode 035: Matt Leff is the founder of Rhizome Productions in Nashville, TN which started its mission of promoting and supporting craft beer in January 2010.  Their main goal is to promote, educate and support local communities through craft beer. Topics Discussed in this Podcast: Benefits of a brewery being involved in a beer festival […]

034: Dave Thibodeau – Ska Brewing Company

Episode 034: Dave Thibodeau is a co-founder and president of Ska Brewing Company in Durango, CO which opened it’s doors back in 1995. Dave and some buddies loved drinking good beer, but they had a little problem – They weren’t old enough to buy it! So they figured if they brewed their own beer, then […]

033: Brad Wynn – Big Boss Brewing Co.

Episode 033: Brad Wynn is a co-founder and the brewing supervisor of Big Boss Brewing Company in Raleigh, NC.  Brad teamed up with Geoff Lamb in 2006 to open the brewery, shipping its first beer in the 2nd Qtr of 2007.  Prior to starting Big Boss, Brad had been professionally brewing for many years with […]

032: Chris Brown – Holy City Brewing

Episode 032: Chris Brown is a co-founder and production manager of Holy City Brewing in Charleston, SC. Four guys from different backgrounds decided to open a brewery in 2011 when Charleston was on the cusp of a serious craft beer culture.  Since opening, Holy City has become a local favorite in a very short time. […]

031: Will Hamill – Uinta Brewing Co

Episode 031: Will Hamill is the founder of Uinta Brewing Company which he open its doors in the winter of 1993 in Salt Lake City, UT.  Since then, the proud Utah company has experienced massive growth and expansion while picking up several awards & medals from regional, national and international competitions. Worst Business Moment: When […]

030: Sumit Vohra – Lonerider Brewing Co.

Episode 030: Sumit Vohra is the CEO, Co-founder and Chief Drinking Officer of Lonerider Brewing Company in Raleigh, NC. Sumit was an avid home brewer and in 2008, quit his comfortable corporate job and poured his life savings into his passion launching Lonerider with a couple of buddies in 2009. Worst Business Moment: The industry […]

029: Ted Rice – Marble Brewery

Episode 029: Ted Rice is the co-owner, president and brewmaster of Marble Brewery in Albuquerque, NM.  Marble was founded in 2008 in the heart of downtown Albuquerque.  While Marble brews craft beer classics, they also relentlessly push boundaries and raise expectations.  In 2014, they were named the GABF’s small brewery of the year. Worst Business […]

028: Aaron Morse – Dark Horse Brewing Co.

Episode 028: Aaron Morse is the CEO and Owner of Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, MI.  Aaron started Dark Horse in early 2000 and lets just say that traditional, cookie-cutter and conformist are not words that you would use to describe Aaron or his brewery. Worst Business Moment: The first 5 to 7 years […]