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018: Greg Parker – Iron Horse Brewery

Episode 018: Greg Parker is an owner and the vice president of Iron Horse which was purchased in 2007.  All it took was for Greg to convince his wife that packing up and moving across two states with a small child and another on the way to buy into a failing brewery was a good idea! Worst […]

017: Peter Zien – AleSmith Brewing Co.

Episode 017: Peter Zien is owner and CEO of AleSmith which he started in 1995.  AleSmith was founded in a small single-unit space in the commercial district of Miramar , San Diego which was packed with a 15 bbl brew system, a tasting bar, an office and a three man team. Worst Business Moment: In the early 2000’s […]

016: Brian Dunn – Great Divide Brewing Co.

Episode 016: Brian Dunn is the founder and president of Great Divide which he started in 1994.  After college, Brian spent time overseas and developed a passion for unique and different beers.  Upon returning to the states, starting to home brew and graduating from graduate school, Brian started what would become one of the countries most […]

015: Bjorn Nabozney – Big Sky Brewing Co.

Episode 015: Bjorn Nabozney is a co-founder of Big Sky Brewing Co. in Missoula, MT.  Big Sky opened up in 1995, produced 48,000 bbls of beer last year and are by far the largest brewery in the state. Worst Business Moment: When Big Sky set out on their first major expansion in the early 2000’s, they put together […]

014: Gregg Berman – Clown Shoes Beer

Episode 014: Gregg Berman is the founder of Clown Shoes Beer which started brewing in 2009. Clown Shoes came about when a liquor store owner loved craft beer so much that they decided to venture out, develop a brand and make their own beer. Worst Business Moment: While Clown Shoes has been very fortunate over the years […]

013: Tom Davis – Thomas Creek Brewery

Episode 013: Tom Davis is the owner, brewmaster and brewery manager of Thomas Creek that started in 1998. Tom started home brewing at an early age then venture into commercial brewing at a local Greenville brewpub before starting Thomas Creek which is now one of South Carolina’s largest breweries. Worst Business Moment: The largest single […]

012: Bailey Spaulding – Jackalope Brewing Company

Episode 012: Bailey Spaulding is the Co-Founder, CEO and Brewmaster of Jackalope which opened its doors in May 2011. Originally from Vermont, Bailey started home brewing while in law school and quickly realized beer was much more interesting than studying law. Worst Business Moment: Bailey was bleeding money, only open for four hours a week, piecing […]

011: Tom Wilmoth – Zipline Brewing Company

Episode 011: Tom Wilmoth is a co-founder of Zipline Brewing Co which was started in 2012 in Lincoln, NE. Zipline has enjoyed solid steady growth and is currently one of Nebraska’s largest breweries. Worst Business Moment: It’s New Year’s day and your phone rings…….your business partner, brewmaster and friend is on the other end and […]

010: Jason Wilson – Back Forty Beer Company

Episode 010: Jason Wilson is the founder and president of Back Forty which he started in 2009, though the planning and preparation for opening the brewery started many years before. Worst Business Moment: Two businesses basically being run out of one bank account……contract brewing in the southern part of the state while building out your […]

009: Alan Pugsley – Pugsley Brewing Projects Intl.

Episode 009: Alan Pugsley is a world renowned Master Brewer, co-founder of Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, ME and President of Puglsey’s Brewing Projects international. Worst Business Moment: It’s the mid 90’s, you ink a partnership deal with Miller Brewing Company only to watch your barrel production drop from 40,000bbls to 25,000bbls over the course […]