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008: Todd Ford – NoDa Brewing Company

Episode 008: Todd Ford and his wife Suzie started NoDa back in 2011. He’s a former pilot with deep roots in the Charlotte, NC home brewers guild. Worst Business Moment: Imagine your brewery only being a couple of months old, you’ve run through all your start up cash and margins are running scary thin….pretty easy […]

007: Doug Odell – Odell Brewing Company

Episode 007: Doug Odell, his wife and sister started Odell Brewing Co in 1989. Today, Odell Brewing is the 3rd largest brewery in Colorado and as of last year the 34th largest in the country. Worst Business Moment: Two weeks before you open, you go to a friendly competitors grand opening party and the place is […]

006: Michael Sellers – Good People Brewing Company

Episode 006: Michael Sellers is a co-founder of Good People Brewing Company which sold its first beer in 2008. Worst Business Moment: Any move is tough! But a move with mistakes, setbacks and a 4+ month delay on production is REALLY tough…. “Light Bulb” Moment: Big leaping moments are really rare….it’s really the daily grind and […]

005: Kelly Taylor – Kelso Beer Company

Episode 005: Kelly Taylor and his wife Sonya Giacobbe started Kelso in 2006. Kelly’s roots in the craft beer industry go back to the early 90’s and in addition to running Kelso, he also oversees production for the Heartland Brewing Group. Worst Business Moment: How does backwards growth, that was largely outside of your control, after many […]

004: Curt Cameron – Thomas Hooker Brewery

Episode 004: Curt Cameron is the “Emperor” of Thomas Hooker Brewery which has origins dating back to 1996 starting out as the brewery arm of a brewpub. Worst Business Moment: “Is there any way for me to fix this”…..”Well, you can’t un-steal” – Employees at small businesses can be like family and when one of your key […]

003: Linus Hall – Yazoo Brewing Company

Episode 003: Linus Hall is the Founder and Brewmaster of Yazoo which he started back in 2003 after many years of home brewing dating back to 1993. Worst Business Moment: Where’d the money go? Moving locations is hard enough……try moving locations, being behind schedule and finding out your contractor has run off with a bunch […]

002: Kevin Selvy – Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Episode 002: Kevin Selvy and his wife Marissa started Crazy Mountain in 2010 becoming the first production brewery in the Vail valley. Today they have opened a second brewing location in Denver and are up to almost 40,000bbls per year in production. Worst Business Moment: Getting presented with an opportunity to purchase a turn key […]

001: Mark Henderson – Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

Episode 001: Mark Henderson and his wife Leslie started Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. in Kiln, MS in September 2003. Not only is Lazy Magnolia Mississippi’s oldest packaging brewery but it’s also the first brewery in the state since prohibition was enacted there in 1907. Mark shares fantastic stories, his thoughts on the future of the […]

000: All About the podcast

Episode 000: Why listen to Beer Business Radio – If you are a brewery owner who has a great thing going right now but really wants to take the next step in growth, then Beer Business Radio is a show more you! If you’re a well-established regional or larger brewery but you want to keep that […]