Why Listen to Beer Business Radio?

If you are a brewery owner who has a great thing going right now but really wants to take the next step in growth, then Beer Business Radio is a show more you! If you’re a well-established regional or larger brewery but you want to keep that creative edge both with your brewing and your business, then Beer Business Radio is a show for you too. If you are a brewery in planning or a home brewer with dreams of taking your beer to the masses or if you are simply like me – a lover of craft beer who is fascinated by how everything in a brewery works and simply enjoys the culture and community of the Craft Beer industry, then Beer Business Radio is definitely a show for you.

The point is if you like beer, like breweries and like business, then you’ll like us……at least we hope you will!

Beer Business Radio will provide an in depth look into the business side of the craft beer industry. We’ll hear from brewery owners both large and small and everywhere in between. We’ll discuss their failures, their successes along with the things they would do differently and the things they would do again were they to start all over.

We’ll also talk to those who cater to the craft beer industry from equipment vendors, to distributors, lawyers, financial folk and others.

Sometimes stepping outside of your industry to see what others are doing is a great way to learn too so we’ll also interview experts in social media, digital marketing, traditional marketing and general business operations of other industries as well.

ToddI’m Todd Officer

A lover of all things Beer and also a Husband, Dad, Business Owner, Investor, College Football Fan, Mountain Biker and Snow Skier (though I live in the south so this can be tough to do). Since I was a young lad, I have enjoyed beer……..in the early 90’s we drank whatever we could get our hands on, in the mid to late 90’s it was whatever we could afford and then I was introduced to what others described as “Good” beer!! As my tastes changed,so did my appreciation of many different styles of beer. In the mid 2000’s I invested, along with some friends, in a brewery that a couple buddies of ours were starting. At that point I really became fascinated with the whole brewery scene and the business aspect of a production brewery. Oh, and I’m proud to say that the little start up brewery we invested in is now producing 15,000 bbls a year!! Fun Times.